Check out my review of Civil War II. Holy shit is it bad. I mean like really bad. Like Arrested Development season 4 bad.

CLICK HERE to read the review.

Also check out the review of the original Civil War run I did on my Podcast Comic Book Zeroes as well as a review of the movie Captain America: Civil War

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So my friend and I started a podcast called “Comic Book Zeroes” and…… yes it’s about comic books. Every Wednesday we review a different Comic or graphic novel and also discuss the movie or TV show that it was adapted to.

My co-host and I are foul mouthed and not afraid to to speak our minds no matter who it might offend. We have a lot of fun but at the same time we take Comic Books very seriously and absolutely love this art form.

Check out the first episode on Youtube right here.

Please be advised that every episode will be very NOT SAFE FOR WORK so make sure you wear headphones. Also if you’re the type that’s easily offended by the slightest amount of politically incorrectness then you will most likely be outraged by this podcast.

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So the other day asked me to create a 2 minute segment for a new video series they’re launching called “Workspace Showcase”. I had the honor of making the launch video for the series. With a one day notice I wrote, filmed and edited this video in about 8 hours. Check it out.

Here is the link to the video it was included in announcing the new project.

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Each episode I’ll focus on a different type of douchebag that makes my blood boil and most likely yours as well. The episode featured here deals with pieces of garbage that play music on their phones in public.

WARNING there is some NSFW language in this.

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Thanks for watching

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So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I love California but I hate the beach. So I decided to write some songs about my love and hate relationship with living in California. I like that the beach is there but I never go. I love California but I hate most of the people that inhabit it and have nothing in common with them. But sometimes I like the people. I’m conflicted. It’s truly a love hate thing.

Anyway just check out the songs. Please share them on Facebook and Twitter if you like them. Thanks.

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