The Underground Atheist

The Underground Atheist is an ongoing story that I will post chapters of from time to time. I know that publishing something chapter to chapter might seem rather unorthodox but I wanted to try something new. This way you can watch as I create this world rather than view it after it’s complete. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The Most Important Story He Ever Told

This story is about a man. And like most men this man had a name. But that name isn’t important. What’s important is his story. Not the story of his life. Not the story of his failed relationships and two children he hadn’t seen in ten years. And not the story about how he was always one number away from hitting the jackpot.

He told a lot of stories. Some true, some maybe not so much. But that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was his story about Costa Rica. The most important story he ever told.

The Most Important Story He Ever Told